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Cacao Nibs - ABOCFA, Ghana

Cacao Nibs - ABOCFA, Ghana

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CCR exceptional range of ethically sourced and organic cacao nibs are crafted with utmost care to preserve the remarkable nutrients and nuanced Flavors of the cacao. Our meticulous process ensures that every nib retains it's natural goodness, offering a truly indulgent experience. These cacao nibs possess a wonderful texture that complement a wide array of of culinary creations. Whether sprinkled over yogurt & ice cream, mixed into baked goods or blended into smoothies, these little powerhouses provide a real boost of vitality to your favorite treats. with our cacao nibs, you can savor the richness of nature's finest guilt-free ingredient.

Available in the following sizes:

Single 12-ounce (340.194 grams) bag

Kilo Pack (2.205 lbs, 35.274 ounces, 1000 grams) Comes packed in 3 each 12-ounce bags to preserve freshness

5 lb Pack (80 ounces, 2267.962 grams) Comes packed in 7 each 12-ounce bags to preserve freshness